Organic Programs

Our organic programs use nutrients from all-natural sources. These solutions are formulated from an unique recipe via a highly controlled process of composting of certified organic compounds.


Turf and Bed Fertilization

Applications are 1x every 6 weeks

Treatment starting January 10th - ending November 15th

Spring treatment
  • Compost tea, seaweed, root stimulators, and micronutrients
  • Pre/post-emergent herbicides on turf for early spring weed control
  • Dry organic fertilizer
Summer treatment
  • Fish, seaweed, molasses, root stimulators, and fulvic acid
Fall treatment
  • Compost tea, seaweed, root stimulators, and micro nutrients
Winter treatment
  • Pre/post-emergent herbicides for winter weeds
  • Compost tea, humic acid, seaweed, and soil conditioners


Mosquito Control

First two (2) applications are 1x a week, then weekly or bi-weekly thereafter

Treatment starting March 1st - ending November 15th

  • Contains bio-pesticides, larvicides, and organophosphates
  • Proprietary formula derived from all-natural materials, including plants, bacteria, and minerals.
  • Proven mosquito control, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Check out our mosquito control page to learn more about our all natural Dallas, Texas mosquito control applications.

Live Honey Bee Hive

Removal and Relocation

At Expert Organics, we are local Dallas, Texas honey bee professionals who have the tools and training necessary to safely and efficiently remove a hive from your home. When removing honey bees, we always begin with identifying the hive location and, if necessary, open up the wall to gain access to the hive. Once the bees are removed, we will clear out the honey comb and clean the nest area. 

  • An average honey bee hive has several thousand honey bees that will fiercely defend their nest. Removing a honey bee hive can be challenging and potentially dangerous.
  • Our service includes cleaning up all the messy honey and honeycomb left behind.

Our Service Area