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Organic Lawn Fertilization

Excellent for your lawn, clean for you and the environment.

Our organic lawn fertilization program uses nutrients from all-natural sources. The nutrients are formulated from a proprietary recipe of composted plants and animal by-products that are extremely beneficial to all plants.

Safe for pets and children - no chemicals, solvents, or pesticides

Potent liquid mix of Compost Tea, Seaweed, Fish Emulsion, Fulvic Acid, and Molasses

Applications are 1x every 6 weeks, starting in January and ending in November

At Expert Organics, the organic lawn fertilization program is designed to give you a lawn that’s healthy and chemical free. Utilizing our data based on our years of soil testing, and lawn analysis, Expert Organics will provide you a tailored organic lawn care program that will ensure that your lawn remains healthy.

Bio-friendly Mosquito Control

We provide precise applications of powerful liquid material to keep your yard free from mosquitos all year long so you can enjoy being outside.

Our bio-friendly mosquito control applications contain non-synthetic biopesticides, organophosphates, and larvicides that are derived from natural materials and mineral solutions.

Safe for use around people, pets, and aquatic life

Derived from natural materials like plant essential oils, beneficial bacteria, and minerals.

Contains biopesticides, larvicides, and organophosphates 

The program starts with a dormant oil application in January. Periodic applications are made during seasonal mosquito proliferation from March through October. The first two applications are performed weekly, while all subsequent applications are performed bi-weekly thereafter.

Incidentals and Infestations

We provide a variety of incidental and infestation services to the Dallas, Texas metro area. From fire ants to chinch bugs, we can help solve your pest problems.


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Control and Prevention

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