Ethical, Humane, and All-Natural

Live Bee Removal and Relocation

We are dedicated to providing residential and business customers throughout Highland Park, University Park, and North Dallas professional, ethical, and affordable live honey bee removal services.  We guarantee that we will use safe and nontoxic methods to rescue colonies.

No Harsh Chemicals

All Natural and Humane

We use safe all-natural removal techniques to keep your family and the bees safe, while providing a new location for the bees to continue to live and thrive.

Hive and Perimter

Location and Assessment

By assessing the hive location and size, we will determine the best way to capture the entire hive to prevent migration to another location nearby.

Live Colony

Extraction and Relocation

We extract the entire hive complex by opening the infested areas with the least amount of damage. The area is then treated to prevent future infestations.

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Re-claim Your Yard

Contact usat Expert Organics today for a free estimate from our qualified, experienced technicians. We'll provide a thorough inspection of your property and locate potential breeding and resting sites. Once they're identified, we'll remedy the situation and eliminate the infestation. We'll also use prevention techniques to keep bee colonies out of your yard, giving you a pest-free area in which to enjoy with your friends, and family.

Honey Bee

Removal and Relocation

At Expert Organics, we are local Dallas, Texas honey bee professionals who have the tools and training necessary to safely and efficiently remove a hive from your home. When removing honey bees, we always begin with identifying the hive location and, if necessary, open up the wall to gain access to the hive. Once the bees are removed, we will clear out the honey comb and clean the nest area. 

  • An average honey bee hive has several thousand honey bees that will fiercely defend their nest. Removing a honey bee hive can be challenging and potentially dangerous.
  • Our home repair experts are available to manage any honey bee damage repair, including fixing any openings that needed be cut in your wall or ceiling.
  • Our service also includes cleaning up all the messy honey and honey comb left behind.

If you would like to learn more about honey bees and beekeeping, please visit the American Beekeeping Federation at


Keep them safe

Do not spray or irritate the hive

It is crucial that you do not harm the bees. Do not try move the hive or spray with chemicals. They are very docile and will not sting you unless they feel absolutely threatened. They will give their life to protect the hive. A honeybee dies after stinging a human.

The Importance of Bees to our Ecosystem

Did you know that over 90 percent of the world’s plants are pollinated by bees? In North America alone there are approximately 4,000 species of bees that help to pollinate agricultural crops. But sadly, bees are dying off in alarming numbers. As a result food supply is left hanging in the balance. Chances are most of the fresh foods, such as nuts, melons, fruits, and vegetables that you enjoy, are all pollinated by bees.


Live Bee Hive Relocation

All Natural and Humane

Chris Lowry

Head Apiarist, Expert Organics

Dallas, Texas

Honeybee Hive Relocation

All Natural and Humane

Chris Lowry

Head Apiarist, Expert Organics